I got following error when I tried to Checkin files wich are Checked out by other users using powershell.

Exception calling "CheckIn" with "2" argument(s): "You cannot checkin and overwrite a published file." At C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\Test2.ps1:71 char:13 + $ListItems[$i].File.CheckIn("Checkin automatically",[Microsoft.Share ...

This is Powershell code:

 if($ListItems[$i].File.CheckOutStatus -ne "None")
     $ListItems[$i].File.CheckIn("Checkin automatically",[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPCheckinType]::OverwriteCheckIn)

How I checkin files forcefully that are checked out by other users for a long time using powershell?

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Consider your current version of the file is 4.1 - you can check out this document and after you are done updating it you can check in with overwrite the draft (minor) version

But if you start with a published (major) version 4.0 and you check it out - then the overwrite check in is not possible

you can see this in the SharePoint UI as well - if you check out a published version of a document and immediately after that click the check in menu item - in the check-in page the overwrite check in option is missing.

Referred from OverwriteCheckIn Not Working

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