I want to add presence indicators to my custom webpart. I have found a blog post about it.

string.Format("<li><a class=\"ms-imnlink\" href=\"javascript:;\"><img width=\"12\" height=\"12\" id=\"IMID12\" onload=\"IMNRC(&#39;", Contact.Email, "&#39;)\" alt=\"My SID\" src=\"/_layouts/images/imnoff.png\" border=\"0\" showofflinepawn=\"1\"/ sip=\" \"></a>&#160;{0}</li>"

I know even how to get sip address.

But isn't there an easier way to show the presence indicator? Doesn't Sharepoint API any webcontrols for that?

  • The most important thing is to provide a unique client id. perhaps with int counter or like this. Sep 21, 2011 at 7:51

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If you're rolling your own web part, then yes you have to add them in. If you start from a list view, and the web application has the presence information enabled, then you can convert the list view web part to a dataview web part and the presense information should be included in the markup.

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