In SharePoint 2013, I understand that it is possible to have different themes in place across the team websites, or subsites. I am interested in the Wiki pages found under a single team website-- Is it possible to have a different theme (like color scheme, and background picture) for each Wiki Page?

Currently, I can only set a single theme for a single team website, and that theme touches across all pages found in that team website.

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By default, a theme is only applied to the site for which it is selected. It is not inherited by any subsites unless you are working with a publishing site., Or, if the publishing feature was enabled for a site, you can choose to either inherit the theme from the parent site or specify a theme that will be used by the site.


You can set the theme for Site but for the individual page, I never heard about it.


You can't set theme by page. You could create different CSS files or master pages and apply them to individual pages.

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