While installing the SharePoint Server , In File location step I have given C drive unknowingly, Is there any procedure to move all SharePoint files ( program files, Microsoft office servers, 15.0, Office) to my D drive. If yes please let me know the procedure.

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    SharePoint always install on C drive, why would you move it to D drive? Feb 25, 2016 at 13:43

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Couple of things.

  • you can't change the installation location after the install or move the files.

Now you have two things.

  • Change The Logs File Location From C Drive To D drive, You Can Do Via Central Admin Under Monitoring.
  • also change the it's log location from c to d using the iis.

But if you want move everything from c to d,then you have to re install sharepoint. But keep in mind 14/15/16 hives folder always on c drive,you can't change them.

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