I have a SharePoint DateTimeControl inside of an UpdatePanel. The issue I am experiencing is that when a postback occurs inside the panel the hour section of the DateTimeControl always gets reset to 12.

I have EnableViewState set to true on the control but it still is reset on postback.

Does anyone know how to make this behavior stop happening?

<SharePoint:DateTimeControl ID="WorkshopStartField" runat="server" CssClassTextBox="textbox" EnableViewState="true"/>



I ended up doing this: I added a hidden asp textbox, which the value does persist between postbacks, and when the hour dropdown changes i put the selected value into the textbox. Then on page load of the panel I check if the value in the textbox is different than that in the hour dropdown and if it is I set the selected value in the dropdown to be what is in the textbox. Super clunky, but it works.

$startHourSelectControl = $('#<%= WorkshopStartField.Controls[1].ClientID %>');
$startHourBox = $('#<%= StartHourHolder.ClientID %>');

if ($startHourBox.val() !== $startHourSelectControl.val()) {
   //if the start hour is different than the value held in the text box, then the page has posted back and lost the drop down value
   //set it back to what it was before the postback

$startHourSelectControl.change(function () {
   //if the start hour dropdown is changed, set the text box to have the same value

There is a Microsoft bug in SharePoint DateTime Control. This DateTimeControl loses state during postbacks, specifically of the hour. I struggled a bit to get this work around because it doesn’t work even if I put enableviewstate=”true” in the control. However I happened to get this work by adding this line of code in a event that caused the postback. It could be any method/Event, in my case, it is SelectedIndexChanged event:

 if (dtcDateTime< DateTime.Today)
 //Don’t do anything

Just be doing this, it maintains the value of the control during postback. https://spreflections.wordpress.com/2009/07/09/sharepoint-datetime-control/

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I don't really understand how that would have worked, but I have so many things causing the page to panel to postback that I didn't want to add a bunch of javascript calls. – Bjorn W Feb 24 '16 at 22:13

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