Elio Struyf already blogged in 2013 about a problem with missing Microsoft CSR Templates when you add a JSLink on the webpart. The checkboxes (from hierarchytaskslist.js) do not display.

Seems that NONE of the VIEW JSLinks files execute when the WEBPART JSLink property has any value.

When the WEBPART JSLink is emptied, all 3 CSR Templates execute just fine:

Now my questions are:

  • Can a script tell if it was executed from a WebPart or View JSLink?
    • So I can present the iCSR developer with a warning about the conflict
  • What do JSLink settings on Fields do?
    • Are they ignored because View/WebParts JSLinks take precedence?
    • Do they execute no matter what is defined in View/WebPart JSLinks?

yes, I can add Fields JSLinks to the JSLink Manager and test myself.. but I have wasted enough time on this and want to put this JSLink Manager on GitHub

Update #1

JSLinkManager Bookmarklet (so works in all Browsers) is on GitHub: https://icsr.github.io/JSLinkManager.html

  • I've never run into conflicts between scripts loaded through a field and scripts loaded through a view. Never heard of that problem with the webpart, though. And you are using full URLs? I thought JSLink had to use a token (~site or ~layouts, etc.)? – Dylan Cristy Feb 23 '16 at 16:16
  • Yes full urls work fine, easy way of including CDN files like jQuery (now I have to wash my mouth). ~sitecollection references have the same issue.. WebPart JSLink overrules the View JSLink (which totally explains why there is a problem with missing default CSR script behaviour). Once my Apply-CSR-in-under-3-seconds-to-any environment Bookmarklet works I'll -investigate JSLinks on Fields ⌚ PS... that LinkManager is here ... needs some work to make it public use for JavaScript nitwits, but it works – Danny '365CSI' Engelman Feb 23 '16 at 18:19

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