i am trying to send email to gmail user , i am using images from picture library. but gmail user unable to see this images. is that possible to use image guest url ..?


You need to create Anonymous links to those images so that the use doesn't need login to view those images by following below steps:

1. Go to the picture library and select the image for which you want to create a link.

2. Click on "Shared With" from the context menu of Item or from the Files tab of ribbon menu.

3. Click on "Get a Link" in the dialog box and select "View link - no sign-in required" from the drop down and wait for a few seconds. The textbox below the drop-down will have the link that you can use in the workflow email step.

Note: If you are creating the image links dynamically in workflow, this will not be applicable.

Here is a sample image which is in o365 site:

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