I have a no-code sandbox solution that I use to provision artefacts. One is a document library to which I want to attach a property bag to be set by a user via custom setting page.

I learned that one can not directly attach a property bag to a document library but only to its root folder. I know how to add property bags to items but did not succeed in adding those to a root folder.

Any help appreciated.


I got an answer from Margriet Bruggeman over at msdn: its not possible to declaratively add a property bag to the root folder. However it is via CSOM.

Solution: I - in any case - need a custom list settings link with attached configuration page to set/modify the property bag (via JSOM). Now I will use this very page to first check if there is a property bag and if not I'll simply create it.

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You can update the property bag of the root folder of the document library using this code snippet.

    //Load the document library and the root folder objects
    // Create/update the root folder properties
    oDocLib.RootFolder.Properties["Your_Custom_Property"] = "true"; // this is the same command to create and update a propety in  the property bag

The same can be done using javascript also.

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