I want to get all the default site content types and site columns in sp 2010?


Please refer these blogs.

  1. Site Columns
  2. Site Content Type



Look at SPBuiltInContentTypeId type. It contains static fields that returns SPContentTypeID for all build-in CTs: AdminTask, Announcement, BasicPage, BlogComment, BlogPost, CallTracking, Contact, Discussion, Document, DocumentSet, DocumentWorkflowItem, DomainGroup, DublinCoreName, Event, FarEastContact, Folder, GbwCirculationCTName, GbwOfficialNoticeCTName, HealthReport, HealthRuleDefinition, Holiday, IMEDictionaryItem, Issue, Item, Link, LinkToDocument, MasterPage, Message, ODCDocument, Person, Picture, Resource, ResourceGroup, ResourceReservation, RootOfList, Schedule, ScheduleAndResourceReservation, SharePoint, SummaryTask, System, Task, Timecard, UDCDocument, UntypedDocument, WebPartPage, WhatsNew, Whereabouts, WikiDocument, WorkflowHistory, WorkflowTask, XMLDocument, XSLStyle

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