How do you change the SPWebApplication Web Page Security Validation timeout via PowerShell. I want to set this upon creating a web application during the creation of a farm, but I'm happy running a follow up script after creating the farm too.

You get to this in the GUI via Central Admin>Application Management>(select an app)>General Settings>Web Page Security Validation>Security validation expires after: ...

I can see the timeout setting in PowerShell using the scripts below, but I cannot set it that way. formDigestSettings is read only. You can leave off the '.Minutes' on the last line for more information about it.

$site = get-spsite 'https://....'

$webapp = $site.WebApplication


try this

$SPSite = Get-SPSite("[URL of site collection]")
$webApp = $SPSite.WebApplication
$webApp.FormDigestSettings.Enabled = $true
$webApp.FormDigestSettings.Expires = $true
$webApp.FormDigestSettings.Timeout = New-TimeSpan -Hours 1 -Minutes 20


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I actually just answered it myself.

Change the last line by adding the specified time in this format:

$webapp.FormDigestSettings.Timeout = '00:15:00'

Then add another line:


You can then verify the change with:

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