Our users complaints that the date calendar control on SharePoint forms are not user friendly. And you can navigate only month by month as shown in below image.

enter image description here

I found this article to replace the calendar with jquery: How to replace the SharePoint date calendar control with more user friendly jQuery calendar control

Is there any other alternatives available for calendar on datetime control using Out of box or by customization?


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You can use jQuery UI DatePicker Control to have a responsive nice looking calender control.


1. Include the jQuery UI JS script in your forms or add them globally.

2. Replace Name with the internal name of the DateTime column and put the above code in your global JS or using a Script Editor web part on the List forms.

$(function() {

3. You can use various options provided by the framework to customize the behavior of this control

Another alternative is to use this DatePicker control built over Bootstrap 3 which is also a nice responsive control with loads of options to customize.


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