I am new to the SharePoint technology. I need to create a workflow when a new document has been uploaded to the document library, it should fire an email to a particular user. How to do this?


Here is link to get you started with developing workflows with Sharepoint designer:


You can easily create workflows in Designer and use workflow action 'Send an e-mail message' to reach your goal.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

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You don't have to use workflows for this basic actions, if you don't want to change body of outgoing e-mails, try to use alerts, here is the page with step-by-step guide.


You can setup alerts for new items only, for changes or for deleted items only.

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    +1 this is the simplest solution if you are interested only to notify certain users of new document uploads – Vedran Rasol Jul 29 '11 at 11:55

I know its too late a reply for this question but for the refernce of people who might open this question anywhere in future I would like to add a link which really helped me a lot in starting with workflows. It is an excellent resource for workflow related videos provided by Robert Shelton. Really very helpful if you are a beginner to workflows.




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