Not sure what is the right approach to tackle this

I want to control te textarea Reason based on what is selected in the dropdown list. As you can see below i have got to the stage where i can get the attribute id of each row of the DropDown list Status But i can't get the attr id of each textarea Reason

My final result should be if a user selects declined then the user but enter a reason and if deactivated must enter a date. Thanks in advance

<td class="ms-vb"><span dir="none">
<select class="ms-RadioText" title="Status" id="WebPartManager_g_31f0d9e1_72a0_4ef2_b286_7c30cd0fda1f_ff5_3_ctl00_DropDownChoice" name="WebPartManager$g_31f0d9e1_72a0_4ef2_b286_7c30cd0fda1f$ff5_3$ctl00$DropDownChoice">
<option value="Provisionally Approved" selected="selected">Provisionally Approved
<option value="Approved">Approved</option>
<option value="Declined">Declined</option>
<option value="Deactivated">Deactivated</option>
<td class="ms-vb">
<span dir="none">
<textarea dir="none" class="ms-long" title="Reason" id="WebPartManager_g_31f0d9e1_72a0_4ef2_b286_7c30cd0fda1f_ff11_3_ctl00_ctl00_TextField" cols="20" rows="6" name="WebPartManager$g_31f0d9e1_72a0_4ef2_b286_7c30cd0fda1f$ff11_3$ctl00$ctl00$TextField" style="display: none;">Test3</textarea><br>




 $("tr select[title='Status']").change(function () {

        var selectedValue = $(this).find("option:selected").text();

        if (selectedValue == 'Declined')

       alert('You need to type in a Reason if STATUS is DECLINED!');

        //i'm getting the id of each dropdown row here
        var select_id = $(this).attr('id');  
        var b = $("#" + select_id).text();
        //i can get the id of each Dropdown  of each row

         //i'm getting the id of each textarea row here
        var textarea_id = $("tr td textarea").attr('id'); 
        var c = $("#" + textarea_id).text();

        //i'm only getting the attr id of the first textarea but not the other


        if (selectedValue == 'Deactivated')

        alert('You need to select a De-Activated Date if STATUS IS DEACTIVATED!');


I am not quite sure where is your problem. From HTML markup you provided there is only one textarea on your page. I am also not sure why you need Id.

You can easily reference desired text area utilizing title attribute:


and if you really need id then:


Like I said, it is not quite clear what are you trying to achieve (well, it is, but HTML markup is most likely incomplete) so if this doesn't solve your problem please let me know.

  • Sorry Vedran i taught when i wrote "For each row" you would understand that there are multiple rows involved so imagine the markup i posted having multiple rows but the id of the dropdown and the textarea would be incrementing.Hope you understand why i need the id now.Chrs and thanks alot
    – naijacoder
    Jul 29 '11 at 13:16

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