I'm new to Sharepoint. I may not use the right terminology and sound like an idiot. Please be kind. (I'm a former JEE developer. I understand the basic concepts. Just not sure how to translate them to Microsoft, or necessarily the correct terms in the MS world.) Thanks.

I want to know how to populate Excel sheets, stored in a Sharepoint library, from an Access database, also stored in the same Sharepoint site.

I greatly appreciate anyone who can provide some pointers.


If you have seen SharePoint do this it was custom .Net development.

SharePoint is just a container, it can record metadata about your documents but SharePoint can not change the documents inside

(Microsoft) Documents (when opened from SharePoint) can use that SharePoint Metadata.

Without using SharePoint you can link Excel to datasources, the Data tab has a whole section 'Get External Data'

SharePoint can be used to built applications to replace applications built in either Access or Excel.

Just be aware SharePoint is not a RDBMS and not a Spreadsheet

It all depends on the requirements, if you are new to SharePoint find a good consultant on what, and (more important) what not to do in/with SharePoint most SharePoint consultants are blindsided to the latter

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