In SharePoint 2013, what is the difference between these title crawled properties when I am working with Word Documents?

  • MetadataExtractorTitle
  • Office:2
  • ows_BaseName
  • Title
  • Basic:displaytitle
  • Basic:10
  • Basic:9

I can't find a single source online that gives a clear definition on how each of these items relate to a Word Document. I do see under Site Settings -> Search Schema in SharePoint 2013, that I can re-order these title items. But I would like to know what I am actually pushing to the top first with a clear understanding on what it does / pull.



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There is however a hidden mechanism present in SharePoint 2013 which is called title metadata extraction which overwrite the “Title” managed property with a value SharePoint extracts from parts of Word and PowerPoint documents.

You can get more detailed information from here


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