for testing purposes I need to restore a site collection form our Live environment to our test farm environment. I have done this a few times where a site collection has its own database, but in this occasion, the content database in question contains several other site collections that do not require restore.

Is there a way to only restore the content of 1 site collection?

How would I go about doing this?

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you can do it couple of ways.

Backup and restore Site collection

Move site into own content DB

  • create a new content db
  • use move-spsite to move the site collection into the new content db
  • now use Database baackup or restore method.

Restore Unattached Content DB

  • restore the content db in test farm.
  • then just take the backup of site collection in question, using the central admin Unattached Content DB restore.
  • restore that backup.

lastly, you can restore the content DB then delete all the unwanted site collections.


You will want to use the SharePoint Unattended Content Database Restore method. The TechNet article linked provides the exact steps that you need to follow.

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