I have moved document from library to folder within the same document library. For that I have used "Update List Item" action. Now I want to move that document from folder to library again.

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Let consider Folder name TestDoc and here i am coping a file from source folder FolderA(or from any where in the TestDoc library) to destination folder FolderB

see code below.

public override void ItemUpdated(SPItemEventProperties properties)
    string strItemProperty = properties.ListTitle.ToString();
    if (strItemProperty == "TestDoc")
    SPListItem sourceItem = properties.ListItem;
    SPFolder dFolder = sourceItem.Web.Folders[sourceItem.Web.Url + "/TestDoc/"];
    SPFile sfile = sourceItem.File;
    Stream fileStream = null;
    if (sfile != null)
        fileStream = sfile.OpenBinaryStream();
        dFolder.Files.Add(sourceItem.Web.Url + "/TestDoc/FolderB/" + sourceItem.File.Name, fileStream);

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