I'm developing a web part (in VS 2010 for SharePoint 2010) to seach all content in a Publishing Site Collection. I have the following code (just testing before I change the scope and the select fields) :

FullTextSqlQuery q = new FullTextSqlQuery(SPContext.Current.Site);

q.QueryText = "SELECT ContentType FROM SCOPE() WHERE \"scope\"='All Sites'";

q.ResultTypes = ResultTypes.RelevantResults;

ResultTableCollection qr = q.Execute();

When (in debug) it gets to the last line I get the following error :

"ScopeNotFoundException was handled by user code"

"Scope in your query does not exist"

I have also tried this on a team site and get the same error. If I remove the scope condition ("SELECT ContentType FROM SCOPE()") I get results returned. Obviously the 'All Sites' scope is shared (I tried this after a custom scope didn't work). The search on the publishing site works as normal.

I have also made sure that my scopes are shared (tried with some custom scopes to no avail).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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While not a direct answer, this codeplex tool may help with building the correct syntax for the query.


Two assemblies with same class: Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Query.FullTextSqlQuery Use this one instead: Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query.FullTextSqlQuery

  • While this may answer the question it doesn't explain why. Please consider revising your question to include more detail.
    – Hugh Wood
    Commented Nov 21, 2012 at 11:53

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