I am currently developing a sharepoint webpart and I need to be connected to our remote Sharepoint site for access to certain variables and functions

All is fine and well for some time, I would usually open visual studio and head to Tools -> Add sharepoint connection -> Specify sharepoint site/login to account

However, as of last night I am getting this error in the following picture


It was never a local server to begin with and I am not getting the option to connect to a remote sharepoint server

Thanks ahead of time!

  • Are your credentials expired? Did you check that? – Asad Refai Feb 4 '16 at 6:58
  • As soon as I press "Add sharepoint connection" I immediately get the error and I am unable to enter my username and password – Christopher Feb 4 '16 at 7:00

To resolve the error make sure that the account being used to run Visual Studio is a db_owner on the SharePoint config and SharePoint admin databases.


I ended up trying to repair my install of Sharepoint Foundation 2013. Did not work.

However I uninstalled Sharepoint Foundation and reinstalled it and my problem was fixed. Thanks for all the helps.

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