We have a moss2007 site with form libraries having client infopath forms published directly to it. When I click on new in the form library i receive the following error.

Form template: siteURL/Forms/template.xsn
The following form template
for the form cannot be found: siteURL/Forms/template.xsn

This same form was opening previously. But now it does not.

I also tried checking by giving the siteURL/Forms/template.xsn url directly in the browser. It opens the file open save dialog. When i choose open, I receive this error.

Could not open 'Site Url/formLibraryName/Forms/template.xsn?OpenIn=PreferClient&NoRedirect=true&XsnLocation=formLibraryName/forms/template.xsn'.

But if I choose save and save the template on my local machine and then double click on it in my local machine it opens without any error. I am really not able to figure out what is wrong.

Breaking my head over solving this problem as I cannot find anything in the error logs. Does any one know how to fix this error? Thanks in advance for all help.

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