We are using SP2013 standard on-premise. There are 2 farms Test1 and Test2. Both farm have exactly same named Content DBs and same URL site collections.

Recently we encounter some issue about SharePoint patch on Test2 site collection "/sites/ABC". This content DB is wss_content_abc and this DB only contains 1 site collection. In order to troubleshoot it, we backup wss_content_abc from Test2 and restore to Test1 as wss_content_abc_corrupt.

(At this moment, Test1 farm have 2 content DB, wss_content_abc and wss_content_abc_corrupt)

Then on farm Test1 I run "Dismount-SPContentDatabase wss_content_abc" (it is the healthy database on Test1). And then following:

Mount-SPContentDatabase wss_content_abc_corrupt -WebApplication http://test1farm.com
Upgrade-SPContentDatabase wss_content_abc_corrupt -WebApplication http://test1farm.com

The upgrade works good and the site http://test1farm.com/sites/ABC is up.

Now I want to mount the existing healthy Content DB wss_content_abc back to Test1 farm as another site collection (maybe call /sites/ABC2/) so that I can compare. How can I do so?


If they're the same Site Collection, that is, have the same Site Collection ID, you cannot mount it to the same farm. Instead, you need to run Backup-SPSite and Restore-SPSite (good up until ~20GB in SC size) which will generate a new Site Collection ID, and also allow you to restore it at a different path.

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  • Can I do backup/restore towards an unmounted DB? – Mark L Feb 3 '16 at 2:34
  • 1
    Not in a way that changes the ID. What you'll probably want to do is back up the current site collection at /sites/abc with Backup-SPSite, detach the CDB, re-mount the other db, then use Restore-SPSite to restore the SC backup from the test environment on a different URL. – Trevor Seward Feb 3 '16 at 2:37

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