Good afternoon, all!

I'm trying to get Workflow Manager installed so I can do some dev. The Configuration for Service Bus section of the Config Wizard has a problem seeing the open ports on the firewall for HTTPS port 9355 and Internal Communication Port Range 9000-9004. These ports are specifically open in Windows Firewall. I also tried setting this up with the "Enable firewall rules on this computer" tick boxes unchecked. The Summary page shows the value FALSE, but I still get "port 9355 is blocked" and "port 9002 is blocked" . Netstat shows the ports in listening mode.

The installation string said it finished successfully, but I have some errors in the Application logs referring to the Service Bus Message Broker. Apparently it crashed, but I restarted both the Message Broker and the Service Bus Gateway. Don't know if these are significant, but it deserved mentioning.

Thanks to all for looking!


  • You say the ports are in a listening state. Can you validate that it is WFM/SB processes listening on those ports? Obviously you cannot re-use a port for another application, which is what I'm getting at. Feb 1 '16 at 23:04

OK - got this finally. Found and installed a CU for Service Bus, rebooted server and logged in as the SP Administrator, not the domain admin. Ran the configurator and it's done.

Next problem - unhandled exception in Workflow Service Host.

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