I have a requirement where we need to create a view in a sharepoint to filter items created after 4pm on Friday until next week 4pm on friday.

This is what i have accoimplished so far.

Created a Custom Column (StartDate) of type date and time with a default value of Today's Date. This Gives me Current Date and Time.

Then i created a Calculated Column named (Friday) with following Formula:


Of return type Date and Time. Which Gave me Friday of that week.

Now how do i set time on the field, so it would be 4:00pm Friday.

Thank You


by default it would give you 12:00 because you are using [today] add 16 hrs and it would become 4 pm detail on how to add hours

  • In StartDate i am using [Created] Field So i am getting Created Date and Time which is not 12:00. – allegro octopus Feb 3 '16 at 19:47

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