I am trying to change the top left title with the PowerShell code:

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication http://myurlaam                                                               
$webApp.SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml = "My new title"

The code works fine with http://myurl:8019

It doesn't do anything when I point to my alternate access mapping url.

The code worked some months ago, but not anymore. So now I have for http://myurl:8019 a new title but for http://myurlaam the previous one.

Could anyone tell me what I should try to change the title?

EDIT: I have tried even this:

  • Open IIS On the left-hand panel open your server, then Sites
  • Right click on the site for which you want to change the bindings and select ‘Edit Bindings’
  • Click Add Type=http IP Address=’All Assigned’ or specific IP Hostname=hostname for your webapplication e.g. www.contoso.com
  • Confirm the changes

, which according to this article should fix it, but no luck


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