As the title suggests I have a task where I'm required to create a link on a page with an image. When the user clicks the image link it will then open an InfoPath form for them to do whatever they need.

For example, on a SharePoint site, there is an image of a dog (doesn't really matter) and when a user clicks on the image it opens up an InfoPath form.

I have been searching and the only things I have ran across are how to open an InfoPath form via a link in the Quick Launch and so forth. May I get some help on a How To article or suggestions? Any help is appreciated


Just insert the picture you want to use, and while the picture is still selected, select insert from the ribbon again and choose insert Link. Leave the Text to display blank and paste the Url. Save the page.

Now when anyone click on the image, the link should open.


Go to the InfoPath form you want to link to (I'm assuming this is attached to a SharePoint list or library) and open it by clicking on New item or New document on the list or library. With it open copy the URL from your web browser - that is the link you will use to add to the picture.

I'm not sure if you need to know how to add a picture to your sight but if you do, here is a good YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65VUeV8C2N8, you'll use the URL link in the first step.

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