I want to export all documents from a sharepoint 2007 without have to import them to a new site. I've used the STSADM command and obviously got stuck with 50k .dat files. What i've understood i cant use any powershell scripts because its not supported in MOSS 2007. (atleast not Get-SPWeb). I've also read that u can use "open in exporer" to move your files and export them. Well that option dosent work. Also tried a bunch of 3rd party softwares that could do the job but sadly dose not support .NET versions lower than 4.0 and i got 3.5

It would be great if i also could get the files exported with the existing file structure.

I would appreciate help alot!

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If you have a list of documents you would like to download from a csv or database you can use System.Net.WebClient to download the documents based on URL.

$clnt = new-object System.Net.WebClient
foreach ($doc in $doclist)
    $clnt.DownloadFile($downloadURL, $DestinationPath)

In our case we wrote a query against the sharepoint databases to get a list of the documents we wanted...

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