My company got started with Sharepoint.

Our site is /projects with subsites under this like,




In each project there are three folders,




These sites are created using a template. But I have to set the permissions manually each time on every new Subsite we create.

Is there any way to make the folders inherit permissions from the parent site? Like a group for Visitors, a group for Construction and a group for Managers?

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We can inherit the user permission from the site collection by site actions-> site permission. There you will find the inherit permission option in the top ribbon. It will inherit all the access permission from your base site.

But before that you must the access group like "Visitors", "Consatruc in your base site (site collection) Then only it will inherit the permission levels.

  • Can I add different users to the group depending on the project? But maintaning the same groups?
    – Elinho
    Jan 27, 2016 at 10:14

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