I've backed up over 200 sub sites and restored them to a new site collection with it's own content database. I want to do a quick compare of the document libraries to make sure nothing was missed.

I found the following that compares two lists, is there anything that compares two document libraries?

$oldReviewSite = Get-SPweb "http://portal.com/siteA"

$newReviewSite = Get-SPweb "http://portal.com/siteB"

$aList = $oldReviewSite.lists["Agenda"]
$bList = $newReviewSite.lists["Agenda"]

$arrA = @()
$arrB = @()

foreach($iA in $aList.Items)
 $arrA += $iA["Title"]

foreach($iB in $bList.Items)
 $arrB += $iB["Title"]

$c = Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $arrA -DifferenceObject $arrB -PassThru
Write-Host $c

I just need a simple PS script for now. I can expand it to iterate through the list of 200+ sites.

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Document libraries are derived from lists under the covers. So your example above should also work for a document library.

Take a look at this example from another question previously posted. You can see the code is very similar:

Traverse through List of Documents using PowerShell

  • Thanks Erik, you were correct, I was able to list all the documents and compare them. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong before but I did get it working!
    – Marker
    Jan 26, 2016 at 17:15

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