Using SharePoint Online with InfoPath 2013

I have a field named "Marks" in a repetitive section.

I want that when user add repetitive section and put the data in Marks field, a condition will apply that the total of all "Marks" field figures will be <=100. if user is adding a no. that make the total more then 100 then he/she will not be able to enter the data.

More then 50 users will going to use this form and I want that this condition will consider the total of each user separately.

Pls suggest if this is achievable ? if yes then how !


Yes this is achievable.

Try this:

  1. Create a Total Marks field. Set this value using the formula sum(Marks)

  2. Create a button(Submit). This button will be disabled when Total Marks field is > 100. Create a formatting rule that with condition Total Marks > 100, disable the button. You can also put an error message saying "change the value, the total cannot be more than 100".

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