I want to be able to connect to SharePoint Online using a custom URL, Ex; intranet.domain.se.

Simply creating a cname record to redirect traffic doesn't work since SharePoint online uses the URL to route sharepoint requests to the right companies sharepoint site (intrernally at microsoft).

So even though intranet.domain.se points to domain.sharepoint.com in our internal DNS, microsoft can't route the traffic to our sharepoint site since the cname in the URL is not readable for their IIS server.

Instead I'm routed to their front end webservers (WFE's) status page.

Anyone know if there is any magical way to make this work? Preferably without using IIS or any other webserver to redirect traffic.


We have the same issue. Investigation into this show that you are not able to do it in SharePoint multi-tenant environment. The reason is that Microsoft using the URL to redirect internally to your tenancy domain and does not know about your internal domain. From what I gathered you will have to do a man in the middle redirection i.e. use an IIS server or Netscaller etc... and use this to redirect the internal address Hope this help http://thecloudmouth.com/2013/04/24/friendly-urls-with-office-365/

  • Yep, that's basically what i wrote in the question though. – Jack Pettersson Dec 1 '16 at 14:27

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