I would like to have the 'SIP Address' (eg. sip:myname.companyname.com) field automatically filled in so we can use Portal's 'presence' functionality - as far as I can see we have no dedicated LDAP attribute for this information.

I would be very grateful of some advice on how to get this data into SharePoint 2010?

  • Where were you wanting to have this field "automatically filled"? In the user profile? Are you syncing your user profile data from AD? – Sam Yates Jul 26 '11 at 22:31

There is a hidden list called SiteUserInfoList on each web, use it to get sip.

private string GetSipAddress(SPUser user, SPWeb web)
    web = web ?? SPContext.Current.Web;
    var userItem = web.SiteUserInfoList.GetItemById(user.ID);
    string sip = string.Empty;
    if (userItem != null) 
        var sipAddress = userItem["SipAddress"];
        if (sipAddress != null)
            sip = sipAddress.ToString().Replace("sip:", "");
    return sip;

There is a post about it.


Assuming you are using AD and the MS SIP infrastructure (OCS/Lync), you should have an attribute in AD called "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress". You should be able to map this to any user profile attribute you like during synchronization. I'm a little surprised this wouldn't already be getting mapped to the SIP Address attribute, but I guess that depends on what you have setup.

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