I'm putting on SharePoint Lunch and Learn training for my company. I'm wanting them to sign up.

In one list, I have title and date

Lunch and Learn 1, January 15

Lunch and Learn 2, January 22

In my other list I want them to sign up, by click on "add a new item" and then they select only "Lunch and Learn 2, January 22

Ideas on solutions would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking Java Script of some sort, or even shudder infopath.

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If you are looking to use a lookup column and want to filter the results I would suggest using SPServices. Specifically you would be using $().SPServices.SPFilterDropdown.

Description from codeplex:

The SPFilterDropdown function allows you to filter the values available in a Lookup column using CAML against the Lookup column's source list. This function works with all three types of "dropdown": <20 options (simple select), 20+ options (complex select), and multi-select.

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