I have a SharePoint 2013 Multi-Tenant Farm. Every tenant has a dedicated Content DB. I am trying to backup a particular Tenant using the following command, found in the Understanding multi-tenancy in SharePoint Server 2013. But, in that, I am not sure about the Item option.

Backup-SPFarm -Directory "c:\backups\alpha" -Item "HostingFarm_Content_Hosting" -BackupMethod Full

Also, while restoring, I am not sure, what to provide for the Item parameter in the following command. Also, the article above doesn't mention, whether this restore will work like a DB restore, wherein, the restore can be done even w/o creating a DB or we need to create a tenant first to be able to restore by overwriting it. Can anyone please explain?

Restore-SPFarm -Directory "c:\backups\alpha" -Item "HostingFarm_Content_Hosting" -RestoreMethod Overwrite

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