I know how to hide actions like Follow, View Library in the Hover Pane as they can be called by name e.g

    ctx.CurrentItem.csr_ShowFollowLink = false;
    ctx.CurrentItem.csr_ShowViewLibrary = false;
    ctx.CurrentItem.csr_ShowLastModifiedTime = false;
    ctx.CurrentItem.csr_ShowAuthors = false;

My question: Is it possible to hide the Open/Edit action? (I'd rather not hide the entire actions bar as I'd like to retain Send)

enter image description here

Thank you


Comment the below text in Item_CommonHoverPanel_Actions.html' file.

<div class="ms-srch-hover-action">        
    _#= editHmtl =#_               
  • Good answer. I should have said in my original question that I'd rather not edit the common actions. Rather I'd like to control it from the hover pane file like the other actions. .
    – buildbod
    Jan 16 '16 at 21:41

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