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I've made a Visual Web Part in Visual Studio (non-sandboxed) that I could easily deploy & "debug" on my local SharePoint installation.

I want to copy this web part to another SharePoint installation, so I went ahead and right-clicked the project in Visual Studio, clicked on the Publish, and saved it to the drive. I got a .wsp file.

I've taken this .wsp file and copied to the other server, installed with Add-SPSolution & Install-SPSolution

I don't see the web part in the Web Part gallery.

How can I get it there? What steps am I missing?

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In addition to add/install the WSP package, you need to activate the feature that contains the Web part on each site collection you want it.

Open your site collection root in a browser, go to "Site settings", "Site collection features" and activate your feature. After that, your Web part should be provisionned and visible in the WP galery.

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