I have in a custom content type for documents and the enterprise keywords column as a optional field. Now I want to have a refiner in my search for that.

The problem is, that the property mapped to it, is this:

enter image description here

So it pulls all the meta information and not only the enterprise keywords. The managed property "Keywords" is also not the correct one, there are a lot of entries missing. Also tried DocKeywords.

Which crawled or managed property is the correct one, if I would only like to have to enterprise keywords?


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I might have found the property.

I changed the values of the property called owstaxIdTaxKeyword for Refine and Sort which were set to No to Yes - active so I can use it as a refiner.

Of course only Refine has to be set to use it as a refiner.

enter image description here

In there I found the values.

Can anybody confirm, that that is the right one for enterprise keywords?

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