I get an error

Could not read setting from server. The destination is unreachable

While running the following cmdlet.

New-OfficeWebAppsMachine -machineToJoin ServerH

The OWA farm works fine with the OWA server G.

Current Configuration
 2 Frontend servers Server A & Server B
 2 App servers Server C & Server D
 2 Distributed Cache servers Server E & Server F
 2 Office Web App servers Server G & Server H

I have checked there is no proxy settings in IE.

  • Are you specifying ServerH with fully qualified domain name (e.g. serverh.company.com)? – moe Jan 12 '16 at 12:50

Thank you moe for responding.

I was able to connect ServerH to the OWA farm. I used the same cmdlet but replaced server by server which is the parent OWA server.

New-OfficeWebAppsMachine -MachineToJoin ServerG

This link explicitly states the fix .

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