Does anyone know how to change this file name?

enter image description here

Basically we have a template that users will need to create and modify every two months. So I added it as a custom content type by following this guide office support article

But now I would like it to automatically save as something like:


Or something similar. Is this possible?

  1. If you are using InfoPath for the custom template as the article you linked is, underneath Fields on the bottom right it should say " Manage Data Connections," choose this.
  2. If you already have a Data Connection choose to "Modify it" or Create a new one by providing the link to your SharePoint site library/list where this form and information reside.
  3. Where it says File Name: Click on the (Fx) symbol and here you have choices to automatically name the form the date it was created, or any of the fields , or Both by using "Concat" this will work once you publish it.

You can choose in the same menu to allow overwrite if the file with that name exists or not.

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