I am looking for a way to the retrieve the following information for a user




through the REST API for Sharepoint Online (Office 365 subscription).

Can I get this info through the APIs? I am polling users through Graph API and I need this information against the users I get (but since Azure doesn't provide this, I am stuck)

I am aware of the User Profile API


The mentioned in the docs is an unknown in my case. I can't use the discovery service as well.

My understanding is that I could just use


as a host (site URL) to use the User Profile API endpoints. Is this correct?

PS: We are using Client Credentials Flow to obtain the access token (i.e, no user context associated with the token) Moreover, I have gone through CSOM and Powershell options, so I am aware of those. I am interested in the API endpoints.


You can use this REST endpoint:


This retrieves all profile information for the given LoginName. You can select the property PersonalUrl by adding $select = PersonalUrl

For more information see the User profiles REST API reference at MSDN.

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  • Thanks. But I need to get this <serverURL> you have mentioned, the problem is that I fetch users through Azure AD(Graph) and there is no field that tells me the OneDrive Url for a user. So, I need to find out an API endpoint which could tell me that, i.e, for a user I need to know the personal site URL. – Syed Mauze Rehan Jan 4 '16 at 15:49
  • Wouldn't the discovery endpoint get you that, then in turn be able to use the above? – Eric Alexander Jan 4 '16 at 15:59
  • Try the following using the graph API: graph.windows.net/graphdir1.onmicrosoft.com/tenantDetails you can test this url here: graphexplorer2.cloudapp.net/Home/Index/DemoCompany – must19 Jan 4 '16 at 16:31
  • The Site URL is an unknown in my case and I can't use the Discovery service either. Can I just use https://<tenantName>-my.sharepoint.com? – Syed Mauze Rehan Jan 5 '16 at 18:26

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