My HTML skills are not great. When I cut and paste a paragraph into a WebPart/Content Editor it double spaces all the lines. If I try to backspace out the extra line (carriage return) it then brings the line 2 lines above (not the desired 1 line above) and now I have 2 lines of words on 1 line.

Any suggestions..Do I need to try &nbsp ?

  • Use "Paste as Plain Text" option. – Kaushal Khamar Jan 4 '16 at 5:56

The SharePoint content editor gives you a double space every time you press enter, if you just want a single space press Shift+Enter.


It's hard to visualize without a screenshot on what's happening. But I'm assuming you had double spaces created between words in the paragraph after pasting.

Method #1: If this is so, and I'm assuming you do not want the formatting of the paragraph from the source, you may want to try pasting into the webpart/content editor box with "Paste as Plain Text".

Method #2: If method 1 doesn't work, try to paste the paragraph content into a notepad, then copy the content and paste it into the webpart/content editor.

It could be because of the formatting on the paragraph.

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