Is there any way to add version history link (bellow code) on displayform.aspx as a content webpart?

<a href="#" onclick="SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog( {url: '/_layouts/Versions.aspx?list={list guid}&ID={item id}&IsDlg=1'} ); return false;">version history</a>

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Version history is already in ribbon of a displayform.aspx.

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It is disabled by default. If you want to enable it, the go to list setting --> Versioning Settings and enable Create a version each time you edit an item in this list.

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Did not find any API for version history URL yet but you can construct it manually. There is a pattern in version history URL. Let me explain it now.

Decode any existing version history URL using decodeURIComponent().


It will result something like following.

{233AE45E-F581-4420-B069-B7A74D368B13}&FileName=/Lists/Tender List/2_.000&Id=2&Source=https://yourTenat.sharepoint.com/Lists/Tender%20List/AllItems.aspx

So what are the things in above URL, let me explain.

{233AE45E-F581-4420-B069-B7A74D368B13} is the GUID Id of your list. So declare a hard coded variable named listGuidId as this value will not change ever.

var listGuidId = '{233AE45E-F581-4420-B069-B7A74D368B13}';

FileName=/Lists/Tender List this is the FileName. You can construct it by following way.

    var fileName = _spPageContextInfo.serverRequestPath

To get this 2_.000&Id=2 portion, you need the Id of your item.

var itemId = GetUrlKeyValue('ID');

So the final URL should look like following

var versionHistory = _spPageContextInfo.siteAbsoluteUrl 
                        + '/_layouts/15/Versions.aspx?list=' 
                        + String.format('{0}&FileName={1}{2}_.000&Id={3}',

Now your link should look like

<a href="#" onclick="SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog( {url: versionHistory + '&IsDlg=1'} ); return false;">version history</a>

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