I have a managed property and I have been told that I need to delete it from the tenant level schema. Bit confused to what this means


Tenant level is your entire Office 365 "world"

That is the level above all your site collections.

To access the Tenant level managed properties go through:

  1. In the app launcher click "Admin" this will bring you to https://portal.office.com/admin/default.aspx
  2. In the left menu click "Admin | SharePoint" this will bring you to https://XXX-admin.sharepoint.com
  3. In the left menu click "Search"
  4. In the main content click "Manage Schema" this will bring you to https://XXX-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/searchadmin/ta_listmanagedproperties.aspx?level=tenant where you manage your tenant level managed properties

As per my knowledge, Tenant level at office 365 is your site collection level .

So you have to delete your site collection managed property to get your desire output.

Referred links: just for understand the concept of tenant level.

Tenant level web template

Information about tenant

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