I'm trying to filter a document set in SharePoint 2010. For example, the URL to the main document library is

#1) http://uat/sites/dps/doc/Forms/folders.aspx

I would access a document set like this

#2) http://uat/sites/dps/doc/NIA/2015/5697

and SharePoint would convert the URL to

#3) http://uat/sites/dps/doc/Forms/Document%20Set/docsethomepage.aspx?ID=44956&FolderCTID=0x0120D52000E8F1321E9D126C4585795384715088E4&List=b167384e-d795-49f8-9460-f5eff2d9fb9e&RootFolder=%2Fsites%2Fdps%2Fdoc%2FNIA%2F2015%2F5697

If I filter it, this is what would be appended onto #3


Is there anyway I can append this filter onto #2, sort of like this?

#4) http://uat/sites/dps/doc/NIA/2015/5697?FilterField1=Title&FilterValue1=title1

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