In the OOTB document library "Documents" I added a new column "Author". This column is from the type "user or group". It is also required. When I create a new document from the ribbon and try to save the document, it asks me to fill in the required fields. I see a red asterik on the field "Author", but I can not enter some value!! What is going wrong?

When I click inside the textbox nothing happen. I cannot type inside the textbox. Lools like it is disabled. There is also some warning "At this moment not available" inside of it.

enter image description here

  • Do you mean, you type but nothing is appearing? – Asad Refai Dec 23 '15 at 9:52
  • Yes, I cannot type inside the textbox. Lools like the textbox is disabled. See also my update with the printscreen. – Ola Dec 23 '15 at 9:55
  • When you created the columns, did you set any other options to be different than the default. I have created a number of different user type fields in my test library and haven't been able to recreate your issue. Have you tried to delete and re-add the column? – David Drever Dec 23 '15 at 14:27
  • That's not a DIP, actually, but Backstage area. Please follow this premierpointsolutions.com/training/help-and-how-to-articles/… to test how that field behaves in DIP. Seems network-related issue to me for now – Aziz Kabyshev Mar 14 '16 at 14:58

click on "Eigenschappen" or properties. And open the document information panel. This will open the columns above the word file. There you can enter the name correctly.

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