I have a requirement to show a summary text from within Word/PDF/Email documents that are stored in a Document Library in-line within the Document Library View.

I can see something similar in the Search results but would like to use this in a Document Library hover if possible.

Is it possible to display a short summary or preview in this way on documents in a library view?

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Just add a view with one column (name/title) and add:

.js-frame-wrapper { min-height: 650px !important }
.js-callout-content { width: 1100px !important; min-height: 800px !important; }
.js-callout-content { max-width: 1200px !important }
.js-callout-noscroll { min-height: 700px !important }
.js-callout-mainElement { max-width: 1100px !important }
.js-callout-sharedWithInfo { display: none !important; }
.js-callout-sharedWithList{ display: none !important; }
.js-frame-wrapper iframe { style: "" !important; }
iframe[role="presentation"] { width: 1060px !important; height: 840px !important; }

.ms-ellipsis-icon {
top: -141px;
left: -107px;

.ms-ellipsis-a {
position: relative;
top: 0px;

.ms-list-TitleLink {
    width: 337px;


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