My team is looking for a way to download all versions of a particular document on our site (or more generally we would like to back-up all versions of all documents in a particular document library). Is there a simple method to do this? My team does not have access to the server they are housed on, although I can navigate to the library by \\sharepoint.company.com\oursite\Library Name\ in windows explorer (I can't find past versions from here).

If possible, a solution that is not programmatic would be best.

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You can use the normal export options to export a document library to disk, including all of the previous versions of documents in that library. Check out http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff607895.aspx

Export-SPWeb -IncludeVersions All

If you need all the documents downloaded as documents, you'd need a way to change all the filenames to provide unique names. You can get there with Powershell as well, although that might be considered a programmatic solution I guess :)


Imho there is no non-programmatically method to do it. If You have access to server, You can use powershell like Jasper already answered, example of function is here.

But without access on host server you will need to use web-services, and most likely you meet permissions problem again there.

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