I'm using an SPGridView that displays search results and it works perfectly. Sorting and filtering works fine as well unless for the DateTime Column. When I'm trying to filter by Date I have the following error:

Cannot perform Like Operation on System.DateTime and System.String

I do know the cause of this message is that 'like' operation should have two strings to compare. I would like to know how to use FilteredDataSourcePropertyFormat in order to be able to handle DateTime. You can read a relevent part of my code bellow:

StringBuilder filters = new StringBuilder();
filters.AppendFormat("{0}," Column2);
// ...and so on

myGridView.FilterDataFields = filters.ToString(); 
myGridView.FilteredDataSourcePropertyName = "FilterExpression";
myGridView.FilteredDataSourcePropertyFormat = "{1} like '{0}'"; // what is the proper expression to handle datetime ?

I replace the 'like' by '=' and it worked.

myGridView.FilteredDataSourcePropertyFormat = "{1} = '{0}'";

I found the solution here.

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