Trying to use Visual Studio 2015 Professional for SharePoint development. After installing the Office Developer Tools, it added additional templates to VS but did not include the "App for SharePoint" template as depicted on the tools web page.

Image from tools web page showing "App for SharePoint" template:

new project window from office developer tools website

src: visualstudio.com/en-us/features/office-tools-vs.aspx

After installing office tools on my machine (missing "App for SharePoint"):

enter image description here

Any ideas?


Apps have been renamed to Add-Ins. "App for SharePoint" is now "SharePoint Add-In"

Update (May 5, 2016):

The newest Office tooling has another change. Here are screenshots of the different stages of the tooling.

Original Tooling

Stage 2 Tooling

Stage 3 Tooling


I agree with Rob that SharePoint App became SharePoint Add-In that located below

Office / SharePoint > Web Add-ins > SharePoint Add-in

Here, I would like to announce about Update 2 for Microsoft Office Developer Tools that you can download it from Visual Studio 2015 Missing SharePoint Templates that enables you to develop SharePoint solutions and add-ins for SharePoint 2016 that includes

  • create new Office add-in projects using templates specific to an Office application (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint).
  • support new Office features such as add-in commands, Fabric UI, and new functionalities in Office.js.

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