Please give the snippet for Visual Webpart where data is stored to SQL Database table.I'm able to store it in list but i need to store directly in SQL Server database table on submit.

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It same as you do in C# .net.

In your button click event, define a connection string and then insert command.

For eg.

Sqlconnection con=new Sqlconnection();

con.Connectionstring="Data Source=PHANNY-PC\PHANNY; Initial Catalog=db_stuRegisterPay; Integrated Security=SSPI";
string query="insert into Persons_info(perID, latinName, gender, dob, pob, phone, passport, curAdd, status) values('" + txtID.Text + "','" + txtLatinName.Text + "','" + cbGender.Text + "'" + dTPdob.Text + txtPob.Text + "','" + txtPhone.Text + "','" + txtPassport.Text + "'" + txtCurAdd.Text + "'" + cbStatus.Text + " )";

SqlCommand cmd=new SqlCommand(query,con);

Code example.

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