I am trying to get the names of all the features available at site collection using CSOM. Below code works fine to get list of all the Features but i am unable to get the DisplayName property.

            ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(URL);
            Web oWebsite = clientContext.Web;
            clientContext.Load(oWebsite, website => website.MasterUrl, website => website.CustomMasterUrl, website => website.Features);
            Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;
            Console.ForegroundColor = defaultForeground;

            var webFeatures = clientContext.Web.Features;
            clientContext.Load(webFeatures, fcol => fcol.Include( f => f.DefinitionId));
            foreach (var f in webFeatures)

Here is a post that explains how to get the DisplayName but its not working for me.

I have upgraded the SDK for SP2013 but still i am unable to find this property. Can you please let me know if this is at all possible?

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Include the DisplayName in your .Include:

clientContext.Load(webFeatures, fcol => fcol.Include( f => f.DefinitionId, f=> f.DisplayName));

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